Harvest Industries was born from a shared desire to create a range of all-natural, nutritious food supplements that felt good, tasted great and provided active support for intensive, energetic lives.

Long-term friends and founders Daniel Wight and Dale Baumgart were both keen health and fitness participants, and passionately believed in the value of using products that were made from natural ingredients.

Prior to launching Harvest Industries, Daniel and Dale had sampled many different supplements in search of one that would support their lifestyle and workout goals. When they were unable to find one that ticked all the boxes, they decided to formulate their own.

In order to create products that were known for both their taste and nutritional value, Daniel and Dale collaborated with the renowned nutritionists to come up with a range of recipes.

Throughout an extensive development process, many different recipes were sampled, tasted and tested in search of the optimum blend of flavour and nourishment.

The end result of this process is a range of health supplements that boost energy, taste great and nourish both bodies and minds. Daniel and Dale have done the hard work, so that customers can choose Harvest with complete confidence.


As daily users of the products, Daniel and Dale know just how effective they are. Despite being family men with multiple responsibilities, they are still strong advocates of healthy active lives – and of the supplements that support them.

It is important that in this day and age, and with the stresses life sometimes brings, we look after the skin we are in, and to make sure that we create healthy bodies, and healthy minds. At Harvest we try to make that a little easier by ensuring the blends are loaded with natural nourishments to ensure you are firing on all cylinders, every day.

Daniel says, “If you want to get the most out of your days, start by caring about what you are putting into your body. Look after the skin you’re in, and build strength, vitality and wellbeing from the inside out.” Or as Dale prefers to put it, “Think natural, think nutritional, think Harvest!”

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