1. What is the best way to take Harvest supplements?

Our personal favourite is to shake or blend it with ice, cold water or milk. That way you get the full taste of our amazing protein. Other Harvest team members like to blend it with smoothie ingredients for a delicious daily drink that’s packed with the nutrition and fibre. If you prefer, try mixing it in with natural yoghurt and a handful of almonds for a supercharged snack, or with warm oats and a handful of mixed berry for a tasty, healthy breakfast. And if you feel like getting creative, why not add it to your own nutritional snacks or bake with it to make superfood slices? It’s all natural raw ingredients, so the possibilities are endless!

2. When is the best time to take Harvest blends?

Any time of the day is perfect for a protein blend, and we recommend having one serving a day in conjunction with a healthy diet to maintain feeling great. Before or after a workout (or other physically demanding activity) is a great time to have a shake to help aid your recovery and keep energy levels high.

3. Can it help me achieve my goals of losing weight or gaining muscle?

Yes. A healthy diet is the first step towards achieving your fitness goals, and Harvest blends are a big part of maintaining a healthy diet. They contain an optimum nutritional balance and taste great too (unlike some others that taste more like cardboard.) Of course, it is still essential to maintain a healthy diet of nutrient dense whole-foods to keep you looking and feeling a million bucks. At Harvest, we are firm believers that healthy diets lead to healthy minds, and we want to build you up mentally as well as physically.

4. I have a chronic disease. Can I use Harvest industries supplements?

Harvest Industries supplements are made using only natural ingredients, so yes, you can can use our supplements to help you feel great. However, we recommend you consult your GP first before using any supplement.

5. I have diabetes. Can I use Harvest Industries Supplements?

Our supplements are made with all natural ingredients, with no added sugars, artificial flavours or colours, so they’re a safe addition to a healthy diet. However, you should always consult a physician before using our supplements.

6. Can I use the Protein blends while I’m pregnant or breast-feeding?

Yes, there’s no reason why not. In fact, they are a valuable source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They are also 100% natural, using only the best protein in the world made from grass fed cows in New Zealand. Our products contain superfood ingredients from Australia and around the world, with no artificial flavouring, colouring or sweeteners. Harvest prides itself on being 100% natural and totally delicious.

7. How long does delivery take?

You should allow up to 10 days from the time of purchase to delivery at your door. Usually, it won’t take that long, but in some cases it takes a little longer to create the blends because we have to source all-natural products. If you experience any issues, please email us so we can resolve them asap.


8. Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, we currently offer worldwide postage and international delivery.

9. I am on medication. Can I take your supplements?

Our products are naturally derived, so as long as you have no reactions to any of the natural ingredients, our products will be fine to take. However, you should always check with your GP before taking supplements.

10. How does Harvest protein differ from other products?

Unlike other supplements that are packed with unknown fillers, artificial flavours and colourings, we at Harvest have worked with experienced nutritionists to create a unique superfood protein blend that uses only high-quality natural ingredients. What’s more, our products are full of flavour – so they pass the taste test too.

11. Can I use harvest as a meal replacement?

Yes, you can certainly use Harvest blends as a meal replacement. Or you can have one on the run without interrupting your busy schedule. If your diet consists of 5-6 meals a day, you could replace 1 to 2 meals with Harvest. If like most people, you have 3-4 meals a day, just replace 1 meal for a harvest blend.

12. Will the energy sports drink make me feel sick or keep me up at night?

No. Our sports energy drink is made with natural ingredients, not jam-packed with sugar and caffeine that keeps you tossing and turning all night. Just take the drink half an hour before you work out, play sport or hit the surf. Then enjoy the full focus your body needs during exercise, and no prolonged restlessness afterwards.

13. Does Harvest have a vegan range of products?

No, not at this current time – but we are in the process of creating a vegan, paleo-friendly range of blends that also happen to taste great. We will keep you posted as these blends progress.

14. Is Harvest Industries an Australian company?

Yes, we are a proud Australian company that uses both local and international ingredients to make our unique blends.

15. Are supplements safe for my children to use?

Yes, of course. Our products are 100% natural with no hidden artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners – so they are fine for our young ones to take. However, our sports energy drink range does contain caffeine, so it’s not recommended for under 15s.

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